Attendance Tracking

Track, Monitor and Report with Ease

Monitor session attendance in real-time. Utilize your mobile device for scanning, set up self-scanning stations, or enable attendee self-check-in. Ensure instant recording of attendance for safety, catering, CPD allocation, and both sponsored and mandatory sessions. Produce, examine, and act on statistics at any moment with instant attendance records.

With useful statistics never more than a few clicks away, digital attendance tracking simplifies your on-site event management process.


packed with Features

  • The easy-to-use attendee tracking app turns mobile devices into a badge scanner
  • Convert devices to scanning stations
  • Flexibility for your event with Rules of Entry for controlled sessions
  • Session Attendance Reporting
  • Data Export to award CPD points
  • Immediate record of attendance for catering, sponsored or mandatory sessions

live data


  • Track popularity of sessions and speakers
  • Fully functional even if the WiFi drops, simply refresh when the connection is restored
  • Generate, analyse and respond to statistics at any time!

Customise & Monitor

  • Create session opening and closing times based on event specific program requirements
  • Build automated scanning stations
  • Create session rules to restrict attendee access to particular sessions based on attendee profile types

Self Manage


Attendees can:


  • View their session attendance via the event app
  • Self-scan session QR codes with the QR scanner available in the event app
  • Check into sessions from the event app
  • Earn points and achievements through the attendee connect element in the app

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