Sponsorship Features

The Exposcan suite of products has not only been designed for optimal streamline technology and communications, but also to maximise opportunities to extend to your sponsors and stakeholders.

Sponsorship Features in the App


Sponsorship Features in the App


Conference App

  • Designed to accommodate sponsor logos and links.
  • Individual pages or modules can be sold as a separate sponsor opportunity.
  • SMS can be sent at timed intervals, promoting a sponsor message.

Name Badge Printing

  • Name badge printing kiosks and LED lit
    plinths can carry sponsor logos and messages
  • Low cost decals can be designed in house to specific requirements

Registration Kiosks

  • The slimline registration kiosks can be sponsored with decals Choice of LED lit colour stands to enhance sponsor message

Name Badge Lanyard Wall

  • Sponsor signage can be mounted on the lanyard wall
  • Single and Double sided available

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