Navigate your event with Interactive Floor Plans

taking away the guesswork!

Help attendees navigate through your event including campuses, exhibitions, breakout rooms and key areas which are of high interest.

Conferences & Exhibitions are busy places with delegates and attendees looking to make the most of their valuable time. The interactive maps and point-to-point wayfinding allows your attendees to navigate seamlessly from point to point.

Navigate with Ease

  • Search a list or scan a QR waypoint to select a start and endpoint
  • Bookmark locations of importance
  • Unlimited number of target destinations including breakout rooms, session venues, meeting rooms, amenities and exhibition stands

Highlight points of interest & vendors

  • View the event/location floorpan and tap on exhibitors, rooms, plenaries and or campus venues to find out more
  • Include exhibitor logos, booth numbers and link to more detailed exhibitor pages within the app

Flexible Interactive Maps

  • Supports multi-level floorpans and provides step by step directions
  • Customise your own interactive maps
  • If used in conjunction with lead capture module attendees can view which exhibitors they have visited

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