Event & Conference Apps

Customised to your event the Exposcan Conference app delivers advanced software, made simple.


Features include

  • Superior design and intuitive interface
  • Place two-way communication directly in the hands of attendees and staff.
  • Instant and live access to the most up to date information with extensive sponsorship opportunities throughout
  • Apply your event branding at every touch-point and take ownership of your app!
  • Powerful event schedule system
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor information with connected floor plans
  • Push notifications for instant communication for sponsored sessions and updates
  • Gain invaluable real-time insights with extensive ROI analysis before, during and after your event

Attendee Connect

  • Engaging networking and gamification.
  • Facilitate networking with private messaging, searchable in-app profile list and scannable options
  • Attendees can manage and edit personal profile, image and privacy settings.
  • In-app reward system to reward connections through attendee challenges and prizes
  • Display a live leaderboard of activity.
  • Attendees can share thoughts, statuses, experiences and photos
  • Create a community of connections


Stand Alone or Event Portal?

Multiple deployment options, including event branded store listings or rapid deployment via our Exposcan portal.  

Download the Exposcan Launcher on your device, for free, and enter the event code exposcan19 to see our demo app.



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